"Thoroughly enjoyed the entire series. The stories are well written witnout being bogged down. Once you start reading the first story, if you can get into the character, then you will definitely want to get the entire series. Yes, it is that good. Worth every penny you will spend for them." - Amazon review of "Milking Lidia"

"Seriously, if you have read the other reviews of the chapters of this series, then you will see the exact same thing. If you are into the BDSM stories, then this series will have something for you in it. Seriously, get them all and then start at the first story and work your way through to see how far down the rabbit hole these stories can take you." - Amazon review of "Lidia's Vacation"

Be ready to get the entire series, because if you enjoy the subject matter, then you will definitely love these stories. After reading the first one, I had to get all of the Lidia titles. However, I will say this, there is one title missing from the amazon site and I think it is story number six. While ther were a couple of themes in here that I personally felt uncomfortable with, you may not find anything to be uncomfortable about. Enjoy them, they are worth the time and money." - Amazon review of "Lidia Gone Rogue"

Favorite Erotic Authors

These are a few of my favorite erotic authors. Not only because they write AMAZING erotic stories, but because they hold nothing back and make no apologies for what they write


What's New?

This website! Thanks to the generosity of my good friend, and fellow erotica author, Crimson Rose. She has donated a little corner of her personal website for my personal use in the hopes that it will boost me sales and morale.


I write every type of erotica one can imagine; from the softest love story to the most bizarre tales of lust. I get my story ideas from my own hedonistic past, and wild imagination. For me, no subject (within reason) is too taboo. I feel we all have our own personal kinks and I try to write to accomodate as many as possible.